Food Box Program


We love our community.  So much love, that we've partnered with FoodShare Toronto to source some of the best fresh produce to provide to homes and families in need.   Together, we provide and deliver Good Food Boxes containing fresh, locally grown, culturally diverse produce.  

If you live in the Scarborough area and have an interest to help with this program, feel free to contact us at

If you are interested in providing a donation towards this local program, use our Online Giving option.


We've partnered with FoodShare Toronto!


For over 30 years, FoodShare Toronto has been helping so many.  They reach over 260,000 people each year through their various programs.  Click below to learn more about FoodShare Toronto and their amazing initiatives.  To make a donation towards FoodShare Toronto, click here


We're all in this together

We are currently delivering Good Food Boxes in the local Scarborough area.  If you are interested in being part of this program or would like to inquire on how to receive a Good Food Box, let us know by sending us an email with your interest.  Feel free to contact us at Your interest and your personal information will remain confidential and will not be shared until you've recieved confirmation that you are a participant in the program.  At that time, we will only share your information with our Food Box program team.  

Our current footprint and resources are very limited at this time.  There is no guarantee that we can deliver to you in your area but we will try our best to accomodate where we can.

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